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Founded in 1990 Kulik Software has been providing business and organizations with data management solutions on the Microsoft Business Platform - SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word . Careful consideration is taken to learn each client's unique and complex needs before crafting fast, reliabe, cost effective and easy-to-use client server applications.


Kulik Software on Data Analysis

In addition to understanding the client need it is also critical to understand the current data and how it fits into the future sceme. This might inclued migrating data into a new CRM system or converting data from the current format / application into the new application. Kulik Software will review your current procss and available data and advise on a smooth transition into a more usable format.

The digital age allows for almost everything to be turned into meaningful data. A bank statement, credit card statement, PayPal statement or eBay statement can all easily be rolled into custom built business /budget software to be analyzed, summarized and reported.

Kulik Software in the Digital Age

As the digital age has matured many of us are in the awkward position having some of our best memories stored on a format that has fallen out of the main stream. Maybe a wedding video on VHS, baby's first words or steps recorded on a 8mm tape, favorite album from High School on vinyl or cassette, vacation photos on slides or critical records that are still only stored in paper format in a filing cabinet. Kulik Software can digitize a variety of formats and provide you electronic files that will allow you to retain these memories forever.


Kulik Software getting you on the Web

If your business or organization is not on the web it is losing valuable exposure to the world. Even a basic informational web site will publicize business goals and hours and basic contact information. Searching for a phone number or hours of a local business simple does not happed in the phone book any more, you need to have appropriate search placement for your customers to find you.


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