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Document indexing can be such a powerfull tool to assist you in finding the specifics from years worth of documents in a single click. The first step in the process of indexing is to convert the document into a digital state so it can be searched. The second step is to incorporate specific details of the document or the entire document into a format that will allow multipe documents to be searched at once. Document indexing is the process of tagging a document based on key fields consider your key search element.


Key Field Indexing

Document indexing can be done based on what the key field is in the document. The key pieces of informtion used will be based on the document type. Using an order as an example you may be looking to search your previous orders based on order number, vendor name. order date, delivery date or manufacturer. The key search element is based on high level analysis of base document.


Full Document Indexing

If the document is a generic document you may want the entire contents indexed for searching. Documents will be sent through OCR software and that information will be available for searching.


Mixing Document Types or Multipe Years

Doing multiple document type indexing it is critical to establish key information to develop a practical RMDB relationship between the documents. If there are multiple years of the same document type or different document types the establisment of a parent set of data is critical.


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