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Kulik Software product offerings cater to a company / organization attempting to simplify their back office process. Evaulating the business process better allows software to be built to compliment that process. Businesses do not always fit the way an 'off the shelf' software is deisgned. In some cases we start with a core product as seen on the product page and make modifications to include new areas not managed by the core software or to change the steps in the typical flow.



Conversion of Flat File to Relational Database

Perhaps you have been maintaining any list in a typical spreadsheet. If you have ever noticed how the information in the flat file tends to repeat on many of the records. A participant that you have demographics for from 5 different events and how there is a slight difference in the street address or email address. By normalizing that data you only keep a single copy of the high level data, so you will never wonder which copy of the data is correct. We can assist building an application that will take the converted data


Reporting from a Flat File

If you have problems getting data from a flat file into a reasonable presentation format we can help extract that information into a formaty that will help you make your important points.


Track and Report

Any combination of items that you need to track and report on will be no problem for us to create a solution that will help your business operation more efficiently.


Software Training

If you decide to use an off the shelf software but need to educate your staff on how it the current process fits into the software we offer application training in the application of your choice. There would be an initial discovery process on how your specific business flows and then training on how to use the sofware to best incorporate your business.


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