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Kulik Software offers a wide variety of data migration and integration services. We have the former trainer with an organaization that developed a integration platform into mid level CRM systems we can easily accomodate your data migration / integration needs. Your need might be a migration into Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix and Saleforce. Your need might be a data integration between Microsoft CRM and Great Plains.

There is nothing more frustrating within an organization for the main customer contact changes and the sales team know but the accounting department does not. Or the main billing address has changed but not all departments know. Having data integrated between all systems is critical for a successful business.


Integration of Data between Customer Relationship Management and Accounting Systems

The key to integrating data is the use of small packet of data very often. Using the integration platform messages are exachanged through the Microsoft Message Queue and immediately transferred into the receiving system.


Your Website into Customer Relashionship Management

Data from your SQL based web site can easily be transmitted into your CRM system. Using the small packet strategy and the API this can be accomplished very quickly.



If files need to be created in a specific format or imported into your application based on a specific format we can help you with that. 10 years of experience processing incoming files of different formats will help us to streamline the process of data transfer into your system.


Integrate Data between any Systems

Movement of data between any SQL servers or Microsoft product is a task we can help you with.


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