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Kulik Software product offerings cater to a company / organization attempting to simplify their back office process. These products will help with data flow and the possible transition from a paper based to a digital process. Digital records allow for a more manageable disaster recovery process.

The basic products have been organized in such a way that basic use is intuitive and easy to learn.

The products are enhancements to basic Microsoft Office products.


Religious Education Database

Easily handle students from start to finish in a fraction of the time it takes to handle the typical pile of paper. Perhaps you are using some form of electronic assistance, this product will far exceed any spreadsheet or flat file that you have created to track the incoming registrations. It is simple to learn and the working steps will be easily understood in a single day.

Capture family, student, teacher and volunteer informartion. Create student fee structure, class times and classroom assignment. Track yearly payments. Track teacher / volunteer training. Create classes from student lists with specific day and time preferences. Create email blast list in case of class cancellation. Report on class listings.

This application was originally created in conjunction with a need at our local parish.


Youth Baseball / Soccer Registration Database

Import or enter player / family registration information. Coordinators from each age group can organize teams by neighborhood or by special requests. Report on teams for parent sign off and communication of medical information for coaches.


Personal Property Database

There are few things in life more devistating than losing possessions to a fire or natural disaster. Not having the records needed to justify an insurance claim can be a difficult process to follow through on after the loss of you dwelling.

Having detailed records of items; including purchase date, photos and copies of receipts will simplify the process tremendously.


Donor Database

If you are part of a local organization that accepts donations to run specific events, it is helpful to be able to retain a list of donors for future events as well as appropriately ackowledge all current contributions.

You may also keep lists of participants that you will want to remind of an event in future years.


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