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Digital tributes, a lifetime of memories!

Digitial trtibutes can be used as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. Starting with digital files or photos or videos something can be put together to refresh some of your fondest family memories. Used in conjuction with our digitization services you can migrate from a situation having only photos or slides to something you can easily watch on DVD or present from file at an event .


Anniversary \ Wedding

Make your day the most memorable ever. During dinner you can play the DVD or your years growing close with each other. Create this digital tribute of your love and allow your guests to take home a copy.


DVD Yearbook / Graduation

School pictures make time-line of a person year after year as they are growing up. All the way from kindergarten to high shool you have the memory of getting dressed up for picture day. Some of those pictures from college can be very entertaining. What better way to capture all of those memories than through a digital yearbook. Play the DVD at the graduation party or gathering.



Remember the life of a loved one. Send us your photos or digital files and we will create a DVD that can be played during the memorial service or the wake. You can give copies of this to the close family members as a reminder of the loved ones live.


Family Reunion

Remember when that uncle dumped his dinner plate on the rug at last wedding? Remind him to fire up the carpet cleaner at this years event so he can save the new carpet. Play the DVD at event and give copies to all the family members in attendance.


Movie Clips in Digital Tributes

All of the tributes will end up as DVD but it is also simple for us to incorporate segments of video into your tribute. We can use the original sound or overwrite that with background music.


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