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Kulik Software offers digitization services from different starting media.

Have us digitize your photos, your movies, your music or your archived paperwork. . Starting with a photo, a negative or a slide you will have the means to keep your family memories safe forever. Digital files allow you to print the photos and present the photo on a number of different digital devices such as digital frames, computer slide shows and tablets. You can even upload these photos to digital sharing sites such as Facebook, SmugMug, Photobucket, Flickr and ShutterFly.

You also have the piece of mind that your family memories can be saved on stand alone media or online. You will not loose any of those memories in case of natural disaster or a disaster in your household.

All digitization is done in our office in Atkinson, NH and items handled only by our staff. We never send out to a third party.


Digitize Music

Why pay for an mp3 of the songs on an album that you already own? We can convert vinyl or cassette into digitial files for you to use on your mp3 player or on your phone. We use high quality equipment to import directly to digital. We use noise reduction software to eliminiate as much of the background noise from the original as possible to give you the highest quality of final product..

Photo to File

Photos are converted from photo to digital by hand in our office in Atkinson NH. Scanning can take up to 2-3 minutes per photo, but don't worry we can save you your weekends. Files can then be used on different media such as an digital frame or tablet for viewing. Digital files will allow you to easily save all your family memories. In the case of a natural disaster your files could be safely stored off site on a web service or on physical media.

Slides / Negatives to File

Within the last 40 years the main photo medium has gone from slides, to printed photo from 35mm negative and now onto digital. We can convert you slides to digital or your negatives to digital. Some collections can be all slides and now it is getting more and more difficult to find projectors to even share those collections.

The conversion from negatives to files is one that can come on when the original photos are no longer available. Perhaps you have a scrapbook enthusiast in your family and all your photos have been consumed in various scrap book projects, you may have not other choice but to digitize from the negatives.

Documents to File

Save any of your documents to digital files. Follow the regulations on the retention of records while not worrying about the space to store the pager. Digitized paperwork allows you to not only reduce physical space required to fufill the need but have disaster recovery plan.

Video to DVD

It is getting more and more difficult to even find players to be able to enjoy some of these family memories stored on older media. We can directly convert VHS or 8mm tape to digital file and DVD.


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